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Summer Shade: Secrets Behind Sliding Glass Door Curtains

While sliding glass doors may fill your home with warmth and light, there comes a time when you need to take control of your living space through the use of sliding glass door curtains. Window coverings serve two purposes, a practical means of privacy and shade, and also an aesthetic purpose intended to compliment the decor of the room, as well as augment the significance of your sliding glass door.

Sliding door curtains come in a wide array of shades and patterns, both bold and neutral, allowing you great liberties of choice and endless opportunities to further personalize your environment.

Creative souls may opt to create and hem their own curtains themselves. For the rest of us, here’s a quick guide to selecting the perfect set of sliding glass door curtains.

A Matter of Style and Taste

sliding glass door curtainsWhen selecting your sliding glass door curtains, you are subject mainly to your own discretion. Find the right style for your home by assessing the current theme of the room and try to reflect or heighten that theme through your curtain choice.

For example, if your living space showcases a good deal of scope and grandeur—lofty ceilings, large furniture, and vertical trappings—accentuate this regal theme with thick mahogany rings running along a majestic wooden dowel with heavy drapes covering your sliding glass door.

Curtains of such stature would obviously look out of place in a much more modest setting, so find a style that best reflects your environment. As a general rule, whether you plan to cover a window or a sliding glass door, curtains with vertical patterns are preferred over those with horizontal ones, as they further draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of a more spacious area.

Two-Way Visibility

While some homeowners opt for blinds to cover their sliding glass doors, curtains beg to be noticed. Blinds are, by design, completely uniform, generic, and almost sterile—perhaps more suitable for an office than a home. A bold curtain, in contrast, has potential to be a radiant source of color and personality on both sides of the sliding glass door.

Curtains can be enjoyed equally by both those inside the home, as well as those outside, such as neighbors passing by, especially if you have a patio.  Because of this two-way visibility, be sure your patio door curtains selection matches not only the environment of the room, but also suit your home as a whole.

The sliding glass door curtains you sport will serve as banners to your neighborhood, revealing part of your personality to those who walk by, so carefully consider what sort of message your sliding glass door curtains send.

If the variety of curtain offerings is too overwhelming, professional consultations are always available to better inform your choice. Remember, however, that while your curtains should be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your personal decor, do not forget that they serve a much more practical purpose as well.

Consider the transparency of the curtain material; if you still want to enjoy a dim glow while the curtains are drawn, select a more sheer material, rather than a thick, wholly one. Pragmatism can be just as important as aesthetics.

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