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Patio Door Drapes - For That Extra Touch Of Elegance

When I think of drapes, or draperies, I always think of the home of a royal family. Drapes evoke a feeling of grandeur and elegance that other window treatments cannot offer easily. This is why patio door drapes are perfect if you want to really give that extra elegant touch to your home decor. No matter how bland a room might be, or how traditional in style, patio door draperies will spruce it up and lift it to a new formal elegance with all its free flowing long gorgeous materials and fabrics.

There are several other types of patio door window treatments, such as patio door blinds and patio door curtains, and you might be wondering what is the difference between them and why should you with the drapes anyway. Aren't curtains, for example, just the same?

Difference between patio door drapes and patio door blinds

Well, yes and no. Let's start with blinds first. Patio door blinds are great for insulation and privacy protection, however let's face it, there are only so many colors that blinds are available in. There are not a whole lot of options here in terms of material. So if giving your room that extra touch of elegant ambient is one of your main reasons for getting a new patio door window treatment, then blinds might not be your best choice.

Which leaves you with patio door drapes or patio door windows. However which one should you go with? Which is the better choice for your personal home decor and how should you decide what to buy?

Difference between patio door drapes and patio door curtains

Many people tend to think that drapes (or draperies) and curtains are the same thing. In my opinion they are almost the same, however not quite. I see patio door curtains as more casual and fun, perfect for young homeowners who just start out now and want to have all the modern elements in their home, where parties will be kept, friends will be invited to watch a good movie or play a good computer game, or simply have fun.

patio door silk drapesPatio door draper are, however, something more serious. They are more elegant, serious and formal. I can well imagine the family having patio doors with drapes on them. They are serious, mature people, knowing exactly what they want from life, how to achieve it and they are actually going for it.

The drapes are pleated and the colors are less 'fun' as well. Also they lend the home a more sophisticated ambient. And when it comes to the actual material, there are many choices, but the more expensive and really classy out there are those made of silk and velvet.

If you haven't seen these silk drapes yet, you don't know what you're missing!

Patio door drapes types

patchwork drapesSome of the most popular patio door drapes available in shops are those with lines of patterns. You can find them in effectively any color that will perfectly match the look of your room. Lines have always been in style and if you choose the patterns carefully, you can get away with some grand themed drapes as well, such as this beautiful patchwork drape.

While there are specially made curtains and blinds for patio doors, since drapes usually are quite long, reaching to the floor, I have seen many people using the same drapes covering their living room window and the patio door. So here you have actually a wider choice of colors, textures and material due to the double-usage of the draperies.

Heavy insulation and energy saving

insulated drapesAs a last benefit dare I mention the energy saving advantage over other window treatments. With its insulation property, the patio door drape effectively keeps out the hot sun and the cold wind and temperature during summer and winter, which means that you'll be using less electricity (for heating or air conditioning) in the house. A major plus in my book.

The insulation propert also means that it keeps the various outside noises where they belong: outside, while at the same time ensuring the privacy of your home that you deserve. 

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