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Patio Door Coverings - Many Decorative Choices For Your Patio Door

There are many types of patio door coverings available for the homeowners. Knowing which ones to use for their own patio door might be a tricky question for many. Most of the times it depends on the type of doors they have.

When you look at buying your new window covering for your patio door, you could easily look at various drapes attached to clip rings which are easy to slide from one side to the other. This though might not work well if you have a pet who loves being around these drapes.

Also you can look at various patio door sliding panels that seem to be an upgraded version from the regular vertical blinds including also curtains. Quite modern design idea actually. Similar to using lined panels with pinch pleats which help any homeowner who has a dog that likes regular patio door sliding panelssunbathing.

If you want to learn how to put pinched pleats in your drapes or curtains, here are a few tips for you.

Use white thread in your sewing machine and use thread that is matching in color with your drapes in the bobbin. Put your pleating tape on your fabric about an inch or so from the top of the materials, and pin it well into place. Now sew one row of stitches through the fabric at the top of the tape and one at the tape bottom. Insert a single pring into the first space of the tape, then skip 4 holes in the tape. Then insert all your prongs of one hook into the next 4 spaces of the pleating tape. This way you will get a pleated fabric as it is pulled into pleats. Follow the same procedure of skipping the following 4 places and then insert the hook into the next 4 spaces until you are at the end of your fabric. Finally add a single hook prong as the last bit.

Shoji screensSomething I've seen the other day and impressed me actually were the so-called Shoji screens.

These are the perfect alternative to any vertical blinds as they give insulation during summer and winter from respectively the heat and cold, and also have also the additional benefit of giving you extra privacy while letting natural light enter the room with ease.

As the lighting changes during the day, so do the various patterns that are in the paper and the gris on the Shoji. Quite neat actually.

You can use the Shoji screens not only for your patio doors, but also for room dividers. They are great Japanese screens that made of several panels in interesting motifs such as cherry trees and checker boards.

Of course patio door curtains are other coverings for your large doors as they need to be covered entirely. You can find them in many fabrics that easily match with the rest of the decor ambient in your room. If you want instead something heavier, you can go for patio door drapes. They are perfect for hot summer days to keep the heat out and for those cold winters when you need that extra warmth in the room.

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