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French Door Curtains - What You Need To Know Before Buying Them

French door curtains are usually made of lightweight, see-through materials. They are thin and styled for elegance and are made to accentuate the European touch that French doors bring to your home. The commonest color is white and the most popular style is sheer curtains. While these curtains allow light to pass through, there are not so transparent as not to give you some privacy.

Regarding materials for curtains to adorn your French door panels, just like with patio door curtains, you can choose from any of voile, lace, net or batiste. Voile is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. It is light, fine and transparent and gives a dainty look to the windows over which they are hung. Batiste is similarly made out of cotton or mixed fibers. It is also lightweight but sheer and very soft.

Lace adds a certain flourish to the finish of your French door panels. They are adorned at the hems and are also lightweight although not as light as voile. They are not plain. In most cases, lace curtains are styled with varied geometric patterns or a floral motif to complement decors. They are made of linen, cotton or some other synthetic materials.

Nets as curtains make some of the most stylized designs for French doors. A Swiss influence is commonplace with net where a fine dotted pattern is superimposed to make for a contrasting and elegant appearance.  A snowflake effect can be created with such motifs rapidly elevating your curtains from mere nets to astonishing works of art.

French door curtainsReady-made curtains for French door panels, like the Asian style curtains come in standard dimensions. Just take care to choose the one closest to the measurement of your windows.

Since they are mostly made of lightweight materials, you do not need sturdy rods to hang them. You should, however, put them up close to the glass of the window to make them even more striking. For a decorative touch, get a tie back in a contrasting color to hold the curtains in the middle.

Before going out to buying these curtains, care to take measurements of your French door panels. If you prefer to fix the curtains inside the window sash, measure accordingly. However, if you want the curtain on the frame outside of the sash, then include that in your measurement. The width of the material you need should be two or three times the width of the windows of the French door.

Don’t forget to include the area of the pocket for the rod in this measurement but not the area above it. For length, just measure from the window sash to the floor.

If you decide to make your own curtains, make sure you give allowance of two inches on all sides when getting the needed materials. Prepare for some sewing too and don’t start until you are sure you have a little more of the fabric than is needed to complete the curtains.

For rods, go with tension rods if you want a no-nail affair as these hang within the sash of the windows. Otherwise, you can use a brass or painted metal rods which should be narrow and mounted on brackets. 

French patio doors are only made beautiful when you put up befitting curtains to screen them. Otherwise, they are just a stark gap in your wall. Great French door panels complement everything else and shutter the living space from the harsh light outside.

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